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Healthcheck in a meeting room

Statutory health examinations
and lifestyle-focused health checks

AG Sundhedsfremme’s mission is to offer employees individual examinations that can increase the health and well-being of the individual, as well as on the collective level to give the company the opportunity to purposefully and economically prevent disease and promote health at the company. Clickhere to see our products.


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1012, 2023

Customer review from HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S: “A really good impression and top professional”

Kasper Schneider from HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S says: “It was a really good impression I got and top professionally. I present the results to the Working Environment Committee and recommend that we should later offer all employees similar surveys and intensify our efforts in relation to health promotion measures.”

THANK YOU, Kasper, for your strong recommendation! 💪🏢🌟

Customer review from HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S: "A really good impression and top professional" 1

412, 2021

The new Seismofit® 2022 fitness test

We are proud to be first in Denmark with the new Seismofit® fitness measurement from the beginning of 2022. The test is carried out at rest, lying on a mat on the floor.
Seismofit® is a small sensor that is placed on the sternum and absorbs the vibrations that originate from the heartbeat and are transmitted to the ribcage. Each heart has its own signature, which relates to the opening and closing of heart valves, as well as the relaksation and contraction of the ventricles.

The test takes about 5 minutes and will basically be an option compared to the traditional health checks. Don’t sweat (!) nor do you have to undress.

The new Seismofit® 2022 fitness test 2

2311, 2021

Check out our new Clinic Trailer

In October we picked up our newest clinic trailer, specially designed by Scanvogn in Hirtshals. It is equipped with the same soundproofing box for hearing examinations and the clinic room is slightly larger so that at the same time it is more suitable for the regular health checks. Then you don’t have to worry about finding suitable rooms.
And we come everywhere in Denmark!

Check out our new Clinic Trailer 3

1209, 2020

NEW: Now we’re doing The Covid-19 Test

We are now able to do a CORONA test for both active infection IgM and antibodies IgG. If we already perform a regular health check, it only takes a few minutes extra, and if we do it as a standalone test, it takes about 15 minutes. Call Annette (Tel. 2022 9062) for a project offer.
NEW: Now we're doing The Covid-19 Test 4NEW: Now we're doing The Covid-19 Test 5

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