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Statutory health examinations
and lifestyle-focused health checks

AG Sundhedsfremme’s mission is to offer employees individual examinations that can increase the health and well-being of the individual, as well as at the collective level to allow the company to purposefully and costeffeciently prevent illness and promote health at the company. Click here to see our products. Clickhere to see our products.

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1209, 2020

NEW: Now we’re doing The Covid-19 Test

We are now able to do a CORONA test for both active infection IgM and antibodies IgG. If we already perform a regular health check, it only takes a few minutes extra, and if we do it as a standalone test, it takes about 15 minutes. Call Annette (Tel. 2022 9062) for a project offer.
NEW: Now we're doing The Covid-19 Test 1NEW: Now we're doing The Covid-19 Test 2

2405, 2020

Updated Nurse team

It is with great enthusiasm that we must now get back to work after the Covid-19 shutdown!
See our updated TEAM of skilled nurses (pictured, Nina, Pernille and Anne Mette will be on shortly):

Updated Nurse team 3

2904, 2020

Digital health check questionnaire

From now on, all our projects will include the opportunity to complete the well-known questionnaire online, either on SmartPhone, Tablet or PC – and soon in several languages.
Your answer will be sent directly to the clinic by mail, so the nurse has your answers ready for the start of the examination. The company will not have access to your answers. Your answer significantly improves our health counseling, and as always, it is completely voluntary to complete the questionnaire.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Personal Data Manager, Peter, PT@AGSundhed.dk

2702, 2020

AGS supports the fight against Cancer

AG Sundhedsfremme ApS is promoting health among Denmark’s active employees, which is why we find it natural to support a health-promoting or disease-fighting organization. We cannot support them all, but this year we have chosen to support the fight against cancer. You’re doing a great job!
AGS supports the fight against Cancer 4

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