“Hi Annette, I thought it went super well. And yes you were right, that trailer is really great. We will definitely make use of it next time too. ūüėä”

Henrik Rosenlund, Factory Manager, Ebrofrost Denmark A/S

Mobile Clinic

Our health checks are usually conducted in a suitable room in the facilities of the customer company. However, often there are some challenges in performing health checks and hearing examinations at work; When conducting hearing examinations, finding a quiet room is not always possible in order to obtain the best results.

We have therefore from 2018 expanded our activities with a new flexible concept. Together with Scanvogn A/S, we have developed a mobile health clinic, which is equipped with a soundproof box for hearing examinations. There is also plenty of room for most of our other health checks.

In the fall of 2021 we got our 2nd year. Trailer. This one is a little bigger so there will be a little better space for health checks.

Mobile Clinic 1

Not just accurate results

The concept will not only help create accurate results for hearing examinations, but will also make it more efficient to visit small businesses. And the larger companies do not necessarily have to make room available, but can simply book the staff examinations.

We are very much looking forward to presenting the trailer to our customers throughout the country. Especially there is an advantage of having the entire clinic together and being able to get to, for example, construction sites or where employees work away from office or meeting facilities.

Technical requirements:

When we come to your company with our Trailer, there are a few technical requirements:

  • Parking space at least 4 x 8 meters (a little less if it’s our Trailer1), and good extra space for maneuvering,
  • 230V at a maximum distance of 20 meters
  • Access to toilet (illuminated if the examinations are to be carried out at night),
  • Connect to a contact when the trailer arrives.
Mobile Clinic 2
Mobile Clinic 3