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ISO 9001
EN 15224

As one of the very few private healthcare providers in Denmark, we have chosen to systematize and document our product quality in a solid quality management system with subsequent relevant and recognized quality certifications.

We do this to ensure that our planning and execution of projects is always carried out properly and correct, with controlled and calibrated equipment and with competent and authorized resources, whether in the healthcare approach or handling of documentation and data in connection with our clients and our projects.

We believe this is necessary in order for our customers to feel safe in our hands when conducting their health-promoting and often statutory activities.

ISO 9001 is familiar to most of you, but an EN 15224 certification – ISO 9001 for the provision of healthcare – we are probably still the only company in Denmark that has.
EN 15224 is formally a “Europe Norm” based on ISO 9001, which is assigned a number of special requirements for dealing with people and their expectation of quality when it comes to their health. Here you will find additional requirements on quality characteristics, client concerns, records, documented procedures and data security. With management processes and products that meet this expanded standard, our customers can have full confidence that we handle their employees in accordance with legislation, health professional knowledge and ethics, as well as customers and our own high requirements for planning and conducting health checks.

Information on handling of Personal Data can be found here.

If you have questions about our quality management system and related processes, you are very welcome to contact our Quality Manager Peter Trampedach, pt@agsundhed.dk.
It’s always nice to talk about quality!

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