“About 2,000 hearing injuries are reported to the National Board of Industrial Injuries a year. About one-third with disability is recognized. Injuries occur mainly within the first 10 years of noise exposure and hearing loss initially hit higher frequencies than the speech area and can therefore be without symptoms. ”


Hearing Test

Noise is sound waves that propagate through air or liquid at different frequencies. It is recommended to use hearing protection already from 80 dB (A), as the noise level is already considered harmful here. Choosing the right hearing protection depends on the noise volume and frequency range, the attenuation need, and the desire for combination with other safety equipment.

If the daily noise load (on average) exceeds 80 dB (A), or peak load above 135 dB, hearing protection must be provided (§10), information on risks of noise load (§13) and Hearing Test (§15) must be provided.

Hearing Test 2
Work in noise