“The risk of exposure to biological agents must primarily be reduced by means of occupational hygiene measures and detailed instructions to the employees. If these measures are not sufficient, the employer must offer and pay for vaccinations.”

Region Mid Jutland, Biological Agents and Working Environment Report, 2008


Flu vaccination:

Vaccination is an easy and safe way to protect yourself against the flu. Influenza affects hundreds of thousands of Danes every year. Epidemics occur approx. every two years when up to 1 million people in Denmark get the flu. Influenza strikes widely. It is not only the elderly or the infirm who get the flu, but also the young and the healthy. Vaccination provides protection of up to 70-90% against influenza in younger healthy people, and provides the absolute best protection against influenza. People with allergies to eggs or other ingredients of the vaccine are not vaccinated.

Vaccinations for Risk-affected Work:

We also vaccinate against Polio, Hepatitis A and B as well as tick-borne encephalitis. This is primarily for employees with risky work, e.g. with waste, sewers, cleaning, etc.
The vaccination range is continuously updated according to the recommendations of the National Board of Health.

Influenza vaccination
Vaccination 1