“A study shows that every 4th employee, often exposed to dust in the work environment, is smoking every day. When you smoke daily and are exposed to dust in the work environment, you expose your lungs to the worst possible cocktail.”


Lung function

Industry employees may be exposed to dust, smoke, and/or aerosol-loaded environments, which can result in acute lung injury or work-related lung disease in general.

Questionnaire on risk-based work on behavioral mapping and history, corresponding to lung function.

  • Pulse and Blood pressure
  • Height and weight; Body Mass Index and fat percentage measurement, as well as body composition.
  • Lung function, spirometry
  • Lung age

The employee receives a report with all measured results, which is sent to the employee’s home address after a medical doctor attestation.

In the case of data outside of reference values, the employee is recommended to contact his own doctor for health professional reasons.

Lung function check lasts 20 minutes.

Lung function 1
Lung function report