“For ten years, and with constant repetition every two years at the Bella Center, we have offered a health check to all employees with great success. The direct benefit of this has been, partly, that people have been amused to compare “data” (such as fitness) and partly that our work absence rate has fallen by ½ percentage point. ”

Ulf Steen Neitzel, Human Resource Manager, Bella Center A/S

Polar BodyAge

BodyAge is a term that, in a very inspiring way, conveys a state of health expressed as a difference between the calendar age and a statistically estimated body age – in this case developed by Finnish Polar based on huge amounts of data on age in relation to the parameters we measure.

Health checks with BodyAge are recommended in connection with the risk of physical stress symptoms in the working environment, either through hard work or unilateral repetitive work.

The test is a funny and inspiring method to give the client an instant picture of their own health – and therefore very motivating for increased self-care. The test is an individual test, but is also very useful in group contexts when a company wants a focused effort on health. How many years are we too old – all together? Can we improve? Alternatively – In most standard health checks, we have a simpler BodyAge measurement developed by Japanese TANITA. This is based only on body composition, ie. muscle mass, fat percentage, etc. It is a good guideline and you can easily get a good health talk from this measurement result.

Polar Bodyge test equipment