“Very nice presentation which, in a minute, will appear on our internal info screens. We have received suggestions on improvements of the hearing protection equipment which will change the results! In addition, you may reserve the same period next year for follow-up for everyone. This time not with a focus on night work but the general health check for everyone. It has been a fantastic success and we have only received positive feedback. Greet the Nurses and thank you for a great effort! “
Per Hansen, General Manager, GateGourmet Billund

“Hi Annette. Thanks for the submitted PowerPoint, that’s exactly what we need. Thanks for the cooperation, we expect to come back next year and see if we have gotten younger. “

Lene Bryde, Managing Director, ACO FUNKI A/S

Statistical Reporting

In addition to the examinations and questionnaires we provided, we can provide a report that contains a statistical analysis of the data recorded for your company’s employees;

  • Do smokers have poorer lung function?
  • Does slim people eat more fruit? – and is their cholesterol lower too?
  • Does overweight people have lower fittness values or higher blood pressure?
  • Etc.

In some cases, we may even offer to compare you (as a group) with other similar companies.

The level of detail of the statistics and thus the depth of the analyzes depends on the number of observations – ie. the number of examinations in the company.

If there are multiple branches or different job functions, we can compare, provided the number of participants is sufficient.

Statistisk analyse for sundhedstjek og høreundersøgelse

Data registration:

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