“I am extremely impressed with what Denmark has achieved in terms of cardiovascular rescue. Since 2001 there has been a tripling of cardiac arrest survivors, and this is due to national campaigns aimed at disseminating knowledge of cardiovascular rescue to both adults and children. ”

Professor Bernd Böttigerer, Operative Intensive Medicine at Uniklinik Cologne

First Aid training

The idea of being a spectator in a situation where a person is helpless is frightening. With a minimum of knowledge and action, you can make a difference.

Every year, 4,000 Danes have cardiac arrest outside the hospitals. Only very few people survive if there are no other people present who can give life-saving first aid until the ambulance arrives. But with quick and effective first aid, the chances of survival can increase to as much as 60 percent.

The risk of witnessing a cardiac arrest at work, at leisure or at home is small, but can happen to anyone. When witnesses show timely care, they can save lives.

The target group is employees who have a desire to make a difference, but to whom no requirement for certified competence is required. The motivation is sought in situations where colleagues or clients in one’s immediate vicinity need urgent life-saving first aid.

Unfortunately, we no longer offer First Aid training courses, but we work with good instructors who can be part of a project with you.

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