“Swedish researchers have found that the average smoker has 8 more work absense days anually than the average non-smoker. At the same time, they estimate that smokers take extra breaks for what adds up for about 30 minutes a day, per employee.

Stop smoking

Businesses, individuals and the community are increasingly involved in health promotion and disease prevention. This means that smoking policies are drawn up in the context of the company’s personnel policies, which are thus part of the company’s profile. Smoking in the workplace is documented as an expense for the company in the form of lost production and sick leave. Employees have become more aware of their addiction, which has contributed to several information campaigns.

Our Stop Smoking course for teams (up to about 15 participants) is a course of coaching and counseling where the employee is supported in a personal development based on smoking cessation and related issues. We may bring some relevant clinical measuring equipment for use in the guidance and may, for example to perform a lung function test.

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